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Cornhusker  Ultra-Lite Tandem Hopper Trailer


Over 50 years of trailer manufacturing experience and the best materials available go into the manufacture of each Cornhusker 800 trailer. The Cornhusker 800 hopper trailer is a durable, light-weight, bulk commodity trailer that will provide years of dependable service, larger profits and higher resale value. The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite is designed using high test aluminum alloys throughout the construction of the trailer. Using these aluminum alloys and our unique design creates one of the lightest weight hopper trailers in the industry. The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite with full air ride and 8 tires weighs only 8000 lbs. This weight is reduced to 7700 lbs. using 4 super single tires. The Cornhusker 800 Ultra-Lite’s lighter weight means more payload. More payload means more profit!