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Cornhusker  Carbon Black Trailers


Cornhusker 800 is one of only a few bulk commodity trailer manufacturers with proven experience manufacturing a Carbon Black hopper trailer. Cornhusker 800 has teamed with some of the premier Carbon Black carriers to develop a safe, lightweight, high cube Carbon Black trailer. The Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black trailer is both user-friendly and safe. The water-tight joined aluminum roof is equipped with raised aluminum extruded catwalk sections with traction pads along all of the loading hatches. The aluminum roof also offers a tether system for added worker protection. Unloading the Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black trailer is made simple utilizing a 45 degree hardened aluminum slopes, pneumatic vibrators and bottom car valves. Cornhusker 800 utilizes engineering, high strength aluminum sheets and extrusions to create a Carbon Black trailer that is one of the lightest trailers in the industry. Our typical 48'x110"-102" wide Carbon Black trailer has a starting weight of 12,000 lbs. Maximize your carbon black haul by using a lightweight Cornhusker 800 Carbon Black trailer.