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Prestige Hopper Tri-Axle Aluminum

Length 45'6" or 50'
Exterior Width 102"
Interior Width 98"
Wall Height 82" Standard, 84" Optional
Overall Height 142" w/ 82" Wall, 144" w/ 84" Wall
King Pin 15"
Slopes Minimum 30°
Length 45'6" 45'6" 48' 50'
Wall Height 82" 84" 84" 84"
Water Level 1824 1881 1938 1993
Axles Hendrickson INTRAAX .31" Wall, 5.75" Round, 77.5" Track, HN Spindle; See Available Options
Brake System Air Drum Brake Standard; HXS-H23 Extended Service Linings Standard; Haldex 30/30 Gold Seal; Haldex S-ABA Slack 5.5"; 28 Spline Standard; Meritor Wabco ABS Equipped; See Available Options
Fenders Prestige Trailers Checkered Aluminum Flat Fenders; See Available Options
Hubs 10 Stud HP Cast Hub/Cast Drum Standard; See Available Options
Suspension Hendrickson INTRAAX AANT23K LDA Air Ride Standard; Air Gauge Mounted in an Aluminum Box c/w Window and Light. See Available Options.
Tires Michelin/BF Goodrich Standard; See Available Options
Wheel Seals National
Wheels 22.5" Standard; See Available Options
Coupler Holland 5th Wheel Standard; See Available Options
Front/Rear Walls Double Wall Construction, .063 Pre-Painted Aluminum Outside Skin, White or Black Colour Options c/w Access Ladders and Catwalk; Radius Corners; Stainless Steel Covers Optional on Front of Lead and Rear of Pull; See Available Options
Hopper Chutes Standard Opening Size - 24" Long x 16" Wide; Stainless Chute Shafts; Roadside Opener Standard; 22 7/8" Clearance (w/ 11Rx24.5 Rubber); See Available Options
Hoppers Two Hoppers per Trailer; Center Divider Wall; Two-Piece Hopper Design; Two Rows of Stiffeners On All Sides; Chute Frames Bolted to Bottom
Landing Gear Jost Magnum Aluminum Landing Gear c/w 10" Cushion Foot; 10 Year Warranty
Lighting Seven Wire Connector at Front; Truck-Lite LED Lighting Standard; Lifetime Warranty Lamps; Truck-Lite Wiring Harness; See Available Options
Mud Flaps 1/2" Rubber Anti-Sail Rear Flaps Standard; See Available Options
Paint Three-Stage Paint Process Consisting of a Coating of Zinc, Urethane Primer and Top Coat
Side Walls Double Wall Construction, .063" Pre-Painted Aluminum Outside Skin, White or Black Colour Options; Inside Finished; Walls Vented; See Available Options°
Slopes Aluminum Slope Sheets - No Less than 30°
Tarps/Tarp Supports Shur-Lok® Roll Tarp, Reinforced over Roof Bows; Fiberglass Ridge Pole; Aluminum Roof Bows; Aluminum End Caps; Remote Openers; See Available Options


  • Steel Chute Opener

    Stainless Steel Chute Opener

    The chute opener features a stainless steel shaft with high clearance to avoid contact with swing augers.

  • Hopper-to-Ground Clearance

    High Hopper-to-Ground Clearance

    High hopper clearance allows for various sizes of swing-away augers to be used during unloading for maximum flexibility.

  • In-Line Air Filter

    In-Line Air Filter

    The in-line air filter protects the air system from inhaling road debris. The filter is serviceable and replaceable.

  • Rear Ladder & Catwalk

    Rear Ladder & Catwalk

    Standard on all Distinction trailers is ladder access at the front and rear. Catwalks are also added to allow for easier access.

  • Landing Gear

    Landing Gear

    Jost aluminum landing gear with 10 year warranty

  • Load Gauge Box

    Load Gauge Box

    The user-friendly load gauge box features a door with a window to monitor loading, and is equipped with an interior light. The enclosure’s positioning avoids interference with any aspect of the unloading process, yet is easily accessible to the operator.

  • Chute Opening Size

    Optimal Chute Opening Size

    The standard ag hopper features a chute opening size of 24" x 27", allowing for quick discharge and easy clean out.

  • Smooth Hopper Corners

    Smooth Hopper Corners

    With smooth inside corners, product flows smoothly with very little remaining after unloading, saving time and effort

  • Smooth Walls

    Smooth Walls

    Smooth walls help improve the trailer’s structural integrity. Plus, they’re easier to clean and look great!

  • Tapered End Walls

    Tapered End Walls

    Tapered end walls make opening and closing tarps easier because they increase the amount of room between the lead and pull of the Super-B. An added bonus of this design feature is the angled ladder, which makes climbing safer and faster.

  • Truck-Lite LED

    Truck-Lite LED Lighting

    A fully sealed wiring harness secured between the walls of the trailer is connected to lifetime-guaranteed TRUCK-LITE LED lights. Up to 4 lighting packages available.

  • Upper Coupler

    Upper Coupler

    The upper coupler design is one of the most robust in the industry

  • Vented Walls

    Vented Walls

    Vents along the lower rail allow for free air movement between the inner and outer walls. This air flow regulates the temperature and humidity differences that produce sweating and cause material to stick to the inside.


  • Suspension Frame

    Aluminum Suspension Frame

    An aluminum suspension frame is available as an option.

  • Auxiliary Air Supply

    Auxiliary Air Supply

    An auxiliary air chuck can be installed inside the air gauge box to supply air for a pneumatic vibrator. This handy outlet can also be used to bring tire pressure up to recommended PSI.

  • Brake Pot Belting

    Brake Pot Belting Ahead of Suspension

    A 48.5" x 28" full-size flap can be installed in front of the first set of suspension hangers. This not only protects the hanger brackets but also provides full protective coverage for brake pots, axles and air lines.

  • Brake Drums

    Brake Drums

    Lightweight options available

  • Disk Brakes

    Disk Brakes

    Hendrickson MAXX22T air disc brakes.

  • Steel End Walls

    Stainless Steel End Walls

    Stainless steel front and rear walls are available, as well as stainless steel corner posts on all four corners.

  • Remote Tarp Opener

    Electric Remote Tarp Opener

    The Shur-Co® 4500 HD Power Tarp Opener is available as an option which comes with a remote opener. Power trap openers are also available as an option.

  • Close Out Sheets

    Full Close Out Sheets

    Full close out sheets protects the area above the king pin section from road grime and snow buildup. They also reduce drag by eliminating wind turbulence in those areas.

  • Full Coverage Mudflaps

    Full Coverage Mudflaps

    Four-across full coverage mudflaps ahead of landing gear are available.

  • Hubodometer


    Available in either miles or kilometers.

  • Lift Axles

    Lift Axles

    Run-empty lift axles allow axles to be raised for no-loading driving.

  • Lighting Packages

    Lighting Packages

    3 lighting packages available.

  • Unloading Lights

    Loading and Unloading Lights

    LED loading and unloading lights are available.

  • Placard Holders

    Placard Holders

    Placard holders for dangerous goods labels.

  • Steel Fenders

    Rounded Stainless Steel Fenders

    Stainless steel fenders wrap around the tire to prevent road debris being scattered by tires. The fenders are interconnected with a closure plate between them to protect the trailer.

  • Stainless Steel Corners

    Stainless Steel Corners

    Stainless steel covers on front of lead and rear of pull protect the corners of the trailer from wear and tear and makes cleaning easier.

  • Tire Inflation System

    Tire Inflation System

    Hendrickson TIREMAAX PRO.

  • Tires


    A wide range of Michelin, Bridgestone and BF Goodrich options are available.

  • Vibrator Brackets

    Vibrator Brackets

    Vibrator brackets are mounted to the hopper.

  • Wheels


    22.5" and 24.5" options available in Aluminum, Dura-Bright, and steel.

Prestige Hopper Tri-Axle Aluminum
Hopper Tri-Axle Aluminum
Prestige Hopper
Prestige Hopper Tri-Axle
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Prestige Hopper Tri-Axle wheel
Prestige Hopper aluminum
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