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Exploring North Dakota and Minnesota's Leading Truck Dealer: Wallwork Truck Center
August 21, 2023 - 12:21:09 pm

Wallwork Truck Dealerships locations

From its roots in 1921 to its current standing, Wallwork Truck Center has redefined excellence in the truck industry as a leading dealer in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The Wallwork Journey: Excellence at its Core

The journey started when W.W. Wallwork Sr. opened Moorhead Motor Company in 1921. Partnering with Kenworth in the late 60s marked a pivotal turn, birthing Wallwork Truck Center. Since then, the center has upheld its mission: to lead in the truck dealership industry and exceed expectations.

Stretching Boundaries: North Dakota and Minnesota

With six locations across North Dakota and one in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Wallwork Truck Center offers quality service and products to a broad customer base across these regions.

Excellence Personified: Recognition and Awards

Wallwork Truck Center's commitment to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since 1985, the company has bagged numerous awards, including the esteemed Kenworth Gold Customer Service Dealer of the Year Award in 2012. These accolades reaffirm their dedication to top-tier customer service.

Above and Beyond: Services, Products, and Customer Satisfaction

Wallwork Truck Center offers an array of heavy and medium-duty trucks and trailers, rental, and leasing services, coupled with flexible finance options. Over 80% of customers at Wallwork Truck Center are repeat customers, underlining their dedication to a remarkable customer experience.

The Finale: Wallwork Truck Center – Your Best Bet

From its founding years to now, Wallwork Truck Center has established itself as a leading truck dealer in North Dakota and Minnesota. If you're looking for new or used trucks and trailers, rental, leasing services, or finance options, Wallwork Truck Center is your go-to. It’s not just a dealer; it's a partner dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. For North Dakota and Minnesota, Wallwork Truck Center is the top pick for all your truck and trailer needs.