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With Genesis®, the East smooth-sided design offers the maximum combination of payload capacity, durability and operating savings. The aerodynamic design makes the Genesis tipping platform trailer easier to operate and reduces fuel consumption. No hydraulics required so there is no specially-equipped tractor required or additional weight, allowing greater payloads and a more versatile tractor.

Competitors use either I-beam supports on a 14-inch center, or U-channel supports spaced 11 inches apart (Fig. 1). The flooring in an East tipping platform is supported by V-shaped cross members 9 inches apart (Fig. 2). This means an East tipping platform will have more even support — front-to-rear — and less susceptibility to floor wave. All with less cross members — and less weight than you would find on competitive tipping platform trailers.

East V-shape cross members provide a major performance advantage: More structural support. East refuse trailers have less unsupported space in the trailer floors. That translates into more support in top-loading operations, and more support if the customers run a fork lift into the trailer.

  • EXTRUDED ALUMINUM I-BEAM: The sub frame uses an 11-inch extruded aluminum I-beam, adding durability to reduce maintenance.
  • EASY BOTTOM CLEAN OUT: Inside bottom rail clean out facilitates efficient off-loading.
  • STEEL BOLT-ON BUMPER: Interfaces with equipment like dozers used at landfills push refuse trailers when they encounter muddy conditions.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE HARDWARE: Greaseable tailgate hardware is designed for longer life, reducing maintenance.
  • EXTRA-WIDE LANDING GEAR: Landing gear features extra-wide wings, diagonal support braces and C-channel cross members to withstand frequent shocks.
  • STRONG FIFTH-WHEEL ASSEMBLY: Fifth-wheel assembly is designed for maximum load-bearing strength with a stainless steel band to protect against galvanic corrosion.
  • INTEGRATED LIGHT PANEL: Rear-extruded light panel integrated into gate.
  • TROUBLE-FREE LED LIGHTS: Trouble-free operation from PC-rated marker lights in all locations, providing 180° superior visibility while drawing 10% to 25% fewer amps than traditional lights.
  • SEALED LIGHTING SYSTEM: Sealed plug connections are designed to prevent moisture infiltration and corrosion.
  • SEALED LIGHTING SYSTEM: Sealed plug connections are designed to prevent moisture infiltration and corrosion.
  • PLUG-TOGETHER WIRE HARNESS: Plug-together wire harness eliminates all junction boxes.
  • ELITE™ WHEEL-END WARRANTY: Standard wheel-end parts are warranted for 5 years or 350,000 miles. The assembly is filled with synthetic oil, which resists high-temperature breakdown.
  • OPTIONAL: Side-swing, overslung, center-split, airflow and leak-resistant tailgate options. From an in-cab screen, drivers can monitor air system pressure and load weight, or know if hoist is down and tailgate is latched.

East traditional external post refuse trailer has been a leader in performance and durability with decades of tough, dependable service...and higher value at resale time.

  • Maximum strength side walls are thicker than most competitive models, and posts are continuously welded for greater durability.
  • Unique extruded 7-inch bottom rail allows maximum strength welding of side posts and side wall sheet directly onto the bottom rail before the dirt-shedding wedge plate is added.
  • Heavy-duty 5-1/2-inch by 9-inch by 5/8-inch top rail has an integral rail reinforcement to help eliminate side bow and damage to side wall from overhead loading.
  • Stronger 5-1/4-inch extruded I-beam floor cross members offer 30% more bending resistance than the 4-inch cross members used by competitors.